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Presenting the @pduOTD 2013 #PM_Oscars!!!!

February 24, 2013

By: Martin Chernenkoff @EdmontonPM

For The Third Year In a Row #pduOTDPDU Of The Day ( tweeted their choices for 150 of  the “Best of the Best PM BA Leadership & Agile/IT Twitter Users” & issued them PM Oscars throughout the day.  Every 5 minutes @pduOTD gave out another #PM_Oscar to an amazing person or organization.

For a recap of the 2012 #PM_Oscars See Vicky James post
PM Awards Appreciation and Recap

Once a year we like to take special note of all the amazing people in the #pmot community and we take the opportunity to present the virtual #PM-Oscars to the “Best Of The Best” Remember to tell your team members what “Rock Stars” they are!

Enjoy this winner-recap &
Don’t forget to congratulate the winners


Today is Oscar DAY !!!
Not only for the Film Academy,
But for PMs, BAs & Agile /IT Professionals
Around The Globe!

Are You Wondering Who Has Expertise in a field?  For the 3rd Year in a row @pduOTD is pleased to present its picks of the #PM_Oscars !!  If  you are looking for new Quality Follows there are so many great tweeters out there. PDU Of The Day (  showcases the “Best Of The Best” providers educators and experts in Project Management, Business Analysis, Leadership, and Agile/IT professionals with a few special #PM_Oscars thrown in of people you shouldn’t miss.

There are so many “Great Twitter Users”
I encourage you to discover some
Great new people to follow!

PDU Of The Day ( encourages Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and every year compiles their list of great “Tweeters” to follow of their favorite Tweeters in Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile IT & Leadership Professionals, with a few “Special Oscars” of Tweeters you shouldn’t miss. So review your favorites on @pduOTDs lists of amazing people to follow and see how many you are following.

PDU Of The Day ( Gave out awards in several categories:

  1. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Educators
  2. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Professionals Growing & Supporting The Success Of Others
  3. #PM_Oscars Highlighting PMI Chapters & Associations
  4. #PM_Oscars Highlighting IIBA Chapters & Associations
  5. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Business Analysts
  6. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Project Management Field Experts
  7. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Other Amazing Experts In Their Field
  8. Special #PM_Oscars Highlighting People & Sites That You Should #Follow and …
  9. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Amazing #ServantLeaders That You Definitely Should #Follow!

Are you following people on the their list?

Here Is A Recap Of The Tweets
The Lucky Recipients:

  1. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Educators
    1. For Being A Global Leader That Supports IPM Day & Grateful Leadership The #PM_Oscar goes to @IILGlobal & Judy Umlas @POA_JudithUmlas #pduOTD
    2. For the very Best PDUs2Go (Training To Take With You Wherever You Go) The #PM_Oscar Goes To Jennifer Bridges (Whitt) & @PDUs2Go #pduOTD
    3. For Providing The Best Agile Transformation & Creative Agile Training to PMs #PM_Oscar Goes To Pillar Technology @AgileSoftware #pduOTD
    4. For the Best Category B Provider of PDU Information for PMs and BAs  #PM_Oscar Goes To @ProjectInsight  #pduOTD
    5. For Teaching Courses in Agile Scrum Sharepoint OM & BA Topics #PM_Oscar Goes To  @ASPE_Inc #pduOTD
    6. For Providing Great BA, Requirements, Agile & PM Courses The #PM_Oscar Goes To @IAGConsulting #pduOTD
    7. For Providing excellent Training & Producing EasyToUse  Software The #PM_Oscar Goes To Its A Tie!! @projectacumen@EclipsePPM #pduOTD
    8. For Co-founding The Terrific Project Coach Center ( @ProjectCoachCtr  w/ @@WayneStrider & @@MarieBenesh)  The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Eileen Strider @EileenStrider #pduOTD
    9. For Best Supporting Trainer in a PM Role In Canada The #PM_Oscar Goes To @grbrule CSM Independent Contractor  #pduOTD
    10. For Advancing Your PM & Leadership Skills To Boost Your Business Success #PM_Oscar goes to It’s Another Tie!! @AMAnet & @CorpEdGroup #pduOTD
    11. For Being Passionate About Helping Leaders Accomplish More Than They Thought Possible #PM_Oscar goes to @Carl_Eidson of @WilsonLearning #pduOTD
    12. For A Great PMP exam simulator, PMBOK flashcards & customized PMP study plan The  #PM_Oscar goes to @TestEagle #pduOTD
    13. For Simplifying Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement So PMs Can Learn & Apply It The #PM_Oscar Goes to @GoLeanSixSigma #pduOTD
    14. For Excellent Agile  Scrum, XP, Kanban, Training The #PM_Oscar Goes To @VersionOne #pduOTD
    15. For Developing Software That Blends Formal, Informal & Social Learning  #PM_Oscar goes to  @ExpertusONE #pduOTD
    16. For Teaching PMs EvidenceTrumpsExperience   PerformanceOverPerfection & EmotionsMotivate DataDoesn’t #PM_Oscar goes to Julian Sammy @sci_ba #pduOTD
    17. For a Great Trainer Speaker  & Very Caring Dad  #PM_Oscar goes to @CurtFinch #pduOTD
    18. For Being A Great REP & Source of PM Information #PM_Oscar goes to @GKonProjectMgt #pduOTD
    19. For Helping Perfect The Art of Software Dev with Agile & Lean Practices The #PM_Oscar Goes To @RallySoftware #pduOTD
    20. For Being Dedicated To Helping Individuals Pass The PMP Exam The #PM_Oscar Goes To @ThePMTutor #pduOTD
    21. For Being a Great Jack Of All Training The #PM_Oscar Goes To Dale Perryman @DalePerryman #pduOTD
    22. For A Gummi Bear Addict & Host Of the PM Podcast The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Cornelius Fichtner @CorneliusFicht #pduOTD
    23. For Hosting the TwitterChat #businessfuel The #PM_Oscar Goes To @Lendio #pduOTD
    24. For Being Dedicated To Helping Smart People & Orgs Communicate The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Irene Becker @JustCoachIt #pduOTD
    25. For Having a passion for Providing  Reasonably Priced Training For the PMPs BAs &  Agile / IT Professionals #PM_Oscar goes to @EdmontonPM #pduOTD
    26. For  Using Project Management for Educational & Social Good #PM_Oscar goes to @pmief  & @NealandL_PMP  #pduOTD
    27. And For Winning the 2012 PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year The #PM_Oscar Goes To @Velociteach #pduOTD

  2. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Professionals Growing & Supporting The Success Of Others
    1. For Being A Great Community Area To Find PM & PPM Blogs The #PM_Oscar Goes To … Its A Tie!! @ppmcommunity & @pmoplanet #pduOTD
    2. For the Chief Supporter of #PMChat & Always Sharing with PMs The #PM_Oscar goes to Keisha Jones Smith @kmjs2002 #pduOTD
    3. For The Most Informative & Supportive PMP Electrical Engineer The #PM_Oscar Goes to Its A Tie!! @anibalcardenas & Samar Ali @SaMoRaAli #pduOTD
    4. For Leveraging Best Practices & Supporting PMs The #PM_Oscar Goes To: Another Tie!! @KellySolutions & Linky Van Der Merwe @virtualpm #pduOTD
    5. For A PM Supporting Other PMs on #PMchat & in Multiple Languages #PM_Oscar Goes To Ivan Rivera @irivera #pduOTD
    6. For Giving Back to the PM Community & Supporting Portuguese PMs w His Site #PM_Oscar Goes To @diegonei #pduOTD
    7. For Giving The Best Ah-Ha-Moments & Supporting the PM Community The #PM_Oscar goes to Luis Seabra Coelho @lseabra #pduOTD
    8. For Having Too Many interests/Too Little Time & Still Managing to Strongly Support PMs The #PM_Oscar Goes To Josh Adler @Joshua_Adler #pduOTD
    9. For Building & Supporting A Community of People The #PM_Oscar Goes To: A Tie!! 2 Gr8 Recipients @SQAWorld & Jon Hyde @publicsectorpm #pduOTD
    10. For her Support of Women In Project Management & #PMChat The #PM_Oscar Goes to  Naomi Caietti @califgirl232 #pduOTD #WIPM
    11. For Supporting PMs With The Project Box  Podcasts & Publishing  The #PM_Oscar Goes To Bernardo Tirado @thePMObox #pduOTD
    12. For Excellence in Managing Customer Expectations The #PM_Oscar Goes To Another Tie!! Cathy Beck @mamacullen & Naomi Karten Naomi Karten @NaomiKarten #pduOTD
    13. For Being A Great Clearinghouse of Information for PMs The #PM_Oscar Goes To Becky Nagel @beckynagel #pduOTD
    14. For Sharing Her Passion About Life, Process Improvement & Agile/IT The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Carol Dekkers @CarolDekkers #pduOTD
    15. For Encouraging People Along Their Paths & Caring About The Success Of Others  #PM_Oscar goes to  Michael Kaplan @mkaplanPMP #pduOTD
    16. For Supporting  Sharepoint / PMCommunities & Sharing his PM Passions to Improve Proj Delivery #PM_Oscar Goes To Steve Hart @pmfoundations #pduOTD
    17. For The Best PMO  PPM Content Editor For A Prof Services organization #PM_Oscar goes to @adaquest_kat of @adaQuest #pduOTD
    18. To The Best Atlanta PMI VP Coordinator Supporting PMs in Georgia  #PM_Oscar goes to @KimWorthley #pduOTD
    19. For Finding Ways to Share Hiring & Retaining Talent information with #TChat The #PM_Oscar Goes to @TalentCulture #pduOTD
    20. For Publishing Lots Of Great Daily Papers Packed with Great Information #PM_Oscar goes to John O Knoke @chapin4u #pduOTD
    21. For Publishing the (Espresso-driven ) Digital Project Manager Daily News  #PM_Oscar goes to Cola Richmond of @franklyPM #pduOTD
    22. For Her Youthful Disney Perspective on PM & Unicorns The #PM_Oscar Goes To  TL Frasqueri-Molina @PML33T #pduOTD
    23. For Blogging Very Useful PM Lessons Learned From Coalfalls, Australia The #PM_Oscar Goes To Stephen Duffield @invictaprojects #pduOTD
    24. For Publishing Great Info On Risk & Supporting RiskManagers The #PM_Oscar GoesTo  Its A Tie!! Keith Baxter @De_Risky & @innovaterisk #pduOTD
    25. For Connecting with PMs Passionate About PM Learning #PM_Oscar goes to Thomas Kennedy @ThePMCoach of the @PMBookClub #pduotd
    26. For The Most Informative Sherman Oaks PM thinker, Writer &  Practitioner The #PM_Oscar Goes to Don Kim of @pmation #pduOTD
    27. For Founding The Knowledge Foundation & Supporting PMIs  #PM_Oscar goes to @joesat VP of @PMIChennai  #pduPTD
    28. For The Most Trusted Adviser on Management & Supporter Canadians Next Prime Minister 🙂 #PM_Oscar goes to @KulveerVirk #pduOTD
    29. For Being a Customer Focused PMP That Helps People & Teams Achieve Their Goals The #PM_Oscar Goes to @KarenWalker_PM #pduOTD
    30. For Helping To Turn PM Visions Into Reality From Toronto The #PM_Oscar goes to @TonyJosevski #pduOTD
    31. For The Best Proj Mgmt Contributor Helping Executives & Managers Solve Problems #PM_Oscar goes to it’s a Tie!! @Dr_Brenda & @Jmarben #pduOTD
    32. For Simplifying Project Management for Newbies #PM_Oscar goes to @Michael_Greer #pduOTD
    33. For The Best Sales Effectiveness Director With A Passion for Sales Training #PM_Oscar goes to @Mike_Kunkle #pduOTD
    34. For the Best PM Heading Projects Contracts & Procurement in Oil&Gas & Infrastructure Utilities #PM_Oscar goes to @khalidfakhouri #pduOTD
    35. For The Most Supportive Panamain PM #PM_Oscar goes to Cesar Amaro @cesaramaro #pduOTD

  3. #PM_Oscars Highlighting PMI Chapters & Associations
    1. For The Leading Membership Association for Project Managers Worldwide #PM_Oscar goes to @PMInstitute #pduotd
    2. For The Best Project Management Articles #PM_Oscar goes to  @PMVoices #pduotd
    3. For The Strongest Director of Social Media & Most Supportive CPD PMI Chapter #PM_Oscar goes to Simone Todd of @soflapmi #pduotd
    4. For Building & Advancing PM Carreers by Bringing  Experts Together  The #PM_Oscar Goes To The California Inland Empire Chptr @PMICIE #pduOTD
    5. For Supporting Over 4000 Members in the Chicago Metropolitan Area The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMIChicagoLand #pduOTD
    6. For Improving The Practice of PM By Facilitating Innovative Ideas The PM_Oscar Goes To PMI West Texas  @pmiwtx #pduOTD
    7. For Supporting PMPs in Austin, Texas The #PM_Oscar Goes To  PMI Austin Chapter @PMIATX #pduOTD
    8. For Supporting PMPs in Fredericton New Brunswick The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMINB #pduOTD
    9. For Supporting PMPs in Birmingham, Alabama The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMI_Birmingham #pduOTD
    10. For the Most Informative & Supportive PMI Chapter in the Oregon Area The #PM_Oscar Goes to @PMIPortland Chapter #pduOTD
    11. For the Best British PMI Chapter Its another tie!! #PM_Oscar goes to @PMILondon & @PMI_UK_Chapter #pduotd
    12. For Being the Recognized Source of PM Excellence in the Charlotte, NC The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMImetrolina #pduOTDFor
    13. For A PMI Chapter w A Great Events Calendar The #PM_Oscar Goes To – it’s another Tie!!! @PMINYC & @PMIWDC #pduOTD
    14. For Being The Largest, Most Active PMI Chapters in Australia The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMISydney #pduOTD
    15. For Supporting PMPs in Brazil  The #PM_Oscar Goes To it’s a 3 Way Tie!!  @PMIMG & @PMISergipe & @PMIBrasil  #pduOTD
    16. For Advancing The Profession Of PM in the Republic of Panama The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMIPanama #pduOTD
    17. For Working To Improve The PM Skills of over 1000 of Chapter Members The #PM_Oscar Goes To @PMIMadridSpain #pduOTD
    18. For Supporting Agile PMPs Everywhere the #PM_Oscar Goes To The PMI’s Blog Team at @pmiagile #pduOTD
    19. For Supporting PMI® Global Congress Events worldwide The #PM_Oscar Goes To  PMI Global Congress @PMIcongress #pduOTD

  4. #PM_Oscars Highlighting IIBA Chapters & Associations
    1. For The Terrific New V3 #BABOK Review The #PM_Oscar goes to the Official Twitter Account of IIBA @BABOK #pduOTD
    2. For Being A Great Model for #IIBA chapters Worldwide (Nominated by @Kupe) The #PM_Oscar Goes To @CIA_BA #pduOTD
    3. For Enhancing The Skill Level of  BAs in Charlotte NC The #PM_Oscar Goes To @IIBACharlotte #pduOTD
    4. For The  Development & Professional Recognition Of BAs in New Zealand The #PM_Oscar Goes To @IIBANZ #pduOTD
    5. For Being Dedicated To Advancing The BA  Profession in Atlanta, GA The #PM_Oscar Goes To @GAC IIBA #pduOTD
    6. For the Best Supporting IIBA Canadian Chapter #PM_Oscar goes to @IIBA_Calgary #pduotd

  5. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Business Analysts
    1. For The BA With The Most Amazing Comedic Improvisational Techniques & Presentations the #PM_Oscar goes to  @Kupe #pduotd
    2. For Encouraging BAs Everywhere with Speaking Engagements (nominated by @Kupe) Analyst #PM_Oscar goes to Paul Mulvey  @PaulTheBA #pduotd
    3. For Creating The Ultimate #BABOK Kit & Supporting PMs & BAs Worldwide #PM_Oscar goes to Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo) @TheBACoach #pduotd
    4. For Supporting New & Aspiring BAs Solidify Their Careers The #PM_Oscar goes to Laura Brandenburg  @LLBrandenburg #pduOTD
    5. For Working to Bridge the Gap & Supporting BAs Everywhere The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Aaron Whittenberger @TheWittyBA #pduOTD
    6. For Supporting BAs in NEW York City & WorldWide with distinction the #PM_Oscar Goes to Craig Fox @SR_Biz_Analyst with ‏@IIBANewYorkCity #pduOTD

  6. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Project Management Field Experts
    1. For Leading #PMChat Supporting PMs Everywhere #PM_Oscar goes To  – No Its 3 Way Tie!!  @rkelly976 @HalaSaleh1 & @robprinzo Thx Guys! #pduotd
    2. For The Most Informative Author on the subject of Red / Troubled Projects #PM_Oscar goes to Todd Williams @BackFromRed for Rescue the Problem Project #pduotd
    3. For Writing PresentingTraining & Supporting PMs & BAs & Supporting the 2012 #PM_Oscar (s) The #PM_Oscar Goes To Vicki James @VickiPPS #pduotd
    4. For the Author of the Best PM Coaching Workbook #PM_Oscar goes to @SusanneMadsen for Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential #pduotd
    5. For Excellence in International Project Fixing of Business IT Projects The #PM_Oscar Goes To Deanne Earle @UnlikeBefore #pduOTD
    6. For the Best PM in the Field of Neuroscience of Leadership #PM_Oscar Goes To Samad Aidane @SamadAidane #pduotd
    7. For Excellence in Promoting PM Best Practices The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Dale Richards @dwrichy #pduOTD
    8. For Authoring Great Books On Design Patterns, Scrum & Lean Methods The #PM_Oscar Goes To @AlShalloway #pduOTD
    9. For The Best Project Management Templates Used by PMs Everywhere & The Strongest PM Ethics #PM_Oscar Goes To Brad Egeland @begeland #pduotd
    10. For  Helping Project Teams Win The Support Of Their Sponsors The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Jo Ann Sweeney @commsabilities #pduOTD
    11. For A Great Scrum  Teacher & Author Of The Scrum Addendum The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Kane Mar @scrumology #pduOTD
    12. For Supporting the PMI ACP Support Team at the PMI CoP & Leading PMI ACP Efforts for PMs #PM_Oscar Goes To @derekhuether #pduotd
    13. For Teaching Others How To Be Productive Through Laziness #PM_Oscar goes to Peter Taylor @thelazypm #pduotd
    14. For The Most Passionate Leeds Rhinos Fan  & Prolific Author Providing Great PM Info #PM_Oscar Goes To @RonRosenhead #pduotd
    15. For Being A Supportive Sr Project Management Evangelist The #PM_Oscar Goes To – Another Tie!! Ty Kiisel @TyKiisel & @RichSauser #pduOTD
    16. For Supporting  Better Projects with Leadership Requirements Mgmt & Product Design The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Craig Brown @Brown_Note #pduOTD
    17. For Excellence as a Leadership Coach, Speaker& Writer The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Tanveer Naseer @TanveerNaseer #pduOTD
    18. For Excellence in Transforming People, Systems & Organizations The #PM_Oscar Goes To Jack Ferraro @jpferraro #pduOTD
    19. For Excellence in Six Sigma For Healthcare The #PM_Oscar Goes To – It’s a TIE!! @6sig & @KaiNexus #pduOTD
    20. For The Best Answer to What is EQ for PMs & Why Should You Care?  #PM_Oscar Goes To  @MargaretMeloni #pduotd
    21. For Supporting PMs in NYC Area #PM_Oscar Goes To Jeff Furman@JeffNYNY Author of the @PMAnswerBook #pduotd
    22. For Posting 7500 Tweets with Great info on Program & Project Mgmt Leadership & Change #PM_Oscar Goes To Paul Slater of @Mushcado #pduotd
    23. For Being An Excellent Practical PM Author & Podcast Host The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Gary Nelson of @Gazzaconsulting #pduOTD
    24. The Most Helpful CDN PMP Sharing Info on Leadership/TeamBuilding/Communication/Agile/Ethics&Training #PM_Oscar Goes To  @CheriEssner #pduotd
    25. For Sharing His Passionate Training style w PMs on Budget Management & Negotiations The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Richard Brody @rgbrody #pduOTD
    26. For The Best Process Improvement Agile Advocate Speaker & Blogger & PM Community Supporter #PM_Oscar goes to Bob Tarne @btarne #pduotd
    27. For Providing PMs w Practical Ideas on Dealing w Tricky Projects The #PM_Oscar Goes To Penny Pullan @PennyPullan #pduOTD
    28. For 20+ years of Delivering Superior Transformation #PM_Oscar Goes To Neil A Walker @PPMpractitioner #pduotd
    29. For Changing The Game In ERP Selections & implementations The #PM_Oscar Goes To  G. Brett Beaubouef @gbeaubouef #pduOTD
    30. For Excellence as a Creative Collaboration Agent The #PM_Oscar Goes To Yves Hanoulle @YvesHanoulle #pduOTD
    31. For Excellence in Plant Automation & System Integration The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Steven Baker, PMP @STEVEPMP #pduOTD
    32. For Best Community Support Manager #PM_Oscar Goes To Caty Kobe @CatyKobe of @GetSatisfaction #pduotd
    33. For Supporting PM 4 Girls Everywhere The #PM_Oscar Goes To Elizabeth Harrin @pm4girls 2011 Prof Blogger of the Year #pduOTD

  7. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Other Amazing Experts In Their Field
    1. For Coining the Term & Teaching What Watermelon Reporting Is The #PM_Oscar Goes To @MarcLoeffler of @Scrumphony #pduotd
    2. For Best Roles Based Determination of Qualified Candidates The #PM_Oscar goes to it’s a Tie!! Janice Presser @DrJanice & @TeamingTech #pduotd
    3. For The Very Best Leadership Author & GhostWriter Helping People Write Books More Successfully The #PM_Oscar Goes To @WallyBock #pduotd
    4. For Her Power of Vision Leadership Strategy & Collaboration With The PM Community #PM_Oscar Goes To @JesseLynStoner #pduotd
    5. For Being a Great Best Selling Author that makes PMs Think The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Daniel Pink @DanielPink #pduOTD
    6. For the Best Agile Tester Caring For The Community In a Professional & Sustainable Way #PM_Oscar Goes To Lisa Crispin @lisacrispin #pduotd
    7. For The Best Health Care Journalist Who Supports PMs Too #PM_Oscar goes to Samantha Gluck @medtopicwriter #pduotd
    8. For The Best Seeker,Visionary,Enterprise Architect,Agilest, Project & Wise Guy The #PM_Oscar Goes To  Jeff Franz-Lien @WickedSmartIT #pduOTD
    9. For Best Educator On The Pervasive Power of Big Data #PM_Oscar Goes To Paige Roberts @RobertsPaige #pduotd
    10. For The Guy That Makes Lives Better with Leadership Advice #PM_Oscar goes to Dan Rockwell @Leadershipfreak #pduotd
    11. For the Very Best Geek Actively Supporting Edmonton & Area #PM_Oscar goes to Mack D Male @mastermaq #pduOTD

  8. Special #PM_Oscars Highlighting People & Sites That You Should #Follow and …
    1. For Cool Products for Technophiles & Geeks, #PM_Oscar Goes To @ThinkGeek of #pduOTD
    2. For The Best Tips, tricks, & Downloads For Getting Things Done The #PM_Oscar Goes To @lifehacker of #pduOTD
    3. For The Largest Independent News Source Covering WebCulture SocialMedia & Technology #PM_Oscar Goes To Pete Cashmore @mashable  #pduOTD
    4. For the Best in Educational Reporting on Twitter the #PM_Oscar goes to @Edubeat #pduOTD
    5. For The Coolest Personal Kanban Product The #PM_Oscar Goes To @kanbanfor1 #pduOTD
    6. For Promoting All Things Good, Caring & Canadian & Enriching Our Environmental & Communal Knowledge The #PM_Oscar Goes to @strombo #pduOTD ( George Stroumboulopoulos  & The CBC )
    7. And A Special #PM_Oscar Goes To A Great Developer & Real Filmmaker w new a Twitter Acct @photonstudios from NZ 😉

  9. #PM_Oscars Highlighting Amazing #ServantLeaders That You Definitely Should #Follow!
    1. For The Most Influential PM #ServantLeader in  PMI Education Funding  #PM_Oscar Goes To #ServantLeader Nealand Lewis @NealandL_PMP #pduOTD
    2. For The Business #ServantLeader Leading Others To Be Better Business Servant Leaders #PM_Oscar goes to #ServantLeader @KenBlanchard #pduOTD
    3. For Teaching The Power of Acknowledgment (POA) & Grateful Leadership The #PM_Oscar Goes To #ServantLeader Judy Umlas @POA_JudithUmlas #pduOTD
    4. For Helping People Master Their Leadership Gift The #PM_Oscar Goes To  #ServantLeader Christopher Avery @ChristopherAver #pduOTD
    5. For Her Heart Based Servant Leadership & Host Of The #LeadFromWithin Tweetchat The #PM_Oscar Goes To #ServantLeader @LollyDaskal #pduOTD
    6. For Assisting PMs to Lead With Honor  the #PM_Oscar Goes To  #ServantLeader John Ikeda @LeadWithHonor #pduOTD

For a recap of the 2012 #PM_Oscars
See Vicky James post
PM Awards Appreciation and Recap


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