The Power of Presence #pmchat Feb 22 2013

  1. The February 22nd 2013 #pmchat topic was The Power of Presence with guest Kristi Hedges.
    This recap is presented by PDU Of The Day and compiled by Martin Chernenkoff (known as @EdmontonPM on Twitter).
    Martin is the editor of – PDU Of The Day, the website that highlights Professional  Development Opportunities for PMs, BAs & Agile Professionals.
  2. Kristi Hedges (LinkedIn profile) who is an executive coach, leadership development consultant, and author of  The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others. Her proprietary presence coaching model has been utilized by clients spanning Fortune 500 corporations, global professional services firms, entrepreneurial businesses, national associations, and  governments. Kristi is a leadership contributor to and, and a speaker for Vistage International and The Founder Institute. She writes about leadership at and tweets @kristihedges.
  3. For an opportunity to learn more from Kristi Hedges & earn a Cat C PDU, view the one hour recorded webinar Leadership Presence: How to Build Personal Influence in Your Organization. Follow the link in the article for the American Management Association recording.
  4. What I like about #pmchat is the opportunity to interact with PMs literally worldwide. Today, the greetings included ‘Good morning’ from the Philippines, ‘Good Evening’ from the Middle East and the UK and ‘Good Afternoon’ from North and South America.

    Meet some the great PMOTs (Project Managers on Twitter) who make #pmchat a lively and engaging discussion of Project Management topics – Robert Kelly, Rob Prinzo and others, read the pduOTD article #PMChat on Twitter.

  5. First Question: What is Presence?
  6. Q1: How would you describe Presence or the “IT” factor? cc: @kristihedges #pmchat
  7. Responses
    Kristi led the discussion with her definition and the PMOTs brainstormed their ideas. Key ideas included ‘connecting’, ‘influencing’, ‘trust’, and ‘personal brand’
  8. Presence is the ability to connect with and inspire others. It’s not charisma, assertiveness, or working a room
  9. A1. Sincerely seeking to connect with others to achieve a mutual purpose, not manipulating them to achieve YOUR purpose. #PMChat
  10. #PMChat A1: Connected – being connected and conscious of yourself and what is going on around you. Being ‘in’ & aware of the moment.
  11. #pmchat A1 Influence; John Maxwell said it best. Hierarchy is no longer the rule.
  12. Presence is ability to influence without saying anything #pmchat #Pmchat
  13. A1 IMO the first requirement to “owning the room” is to be talking good sense. #PMChat
  14. Presence is more than charisma, it is that invisible aura that makes people believe and work with you #pmchat
  15. What does it look like is a challenge because there’s not one way to have presence. It’s part authenticity and part connection. #pmchat
  16. #pmchat A1 “Presence” is sometimes an intangible, also broadly defined. Relatability, strong personal brand, creating an instant impression.
  17. Presence is what gives other people the confidence to do their jobs and offer their ideas without fear #Pmchat
  18. Part of the work of presence is figuring out how you want to show up, realizing you can’t please 100 percent of people. #pmchat
  19. And understanding how to create trust, empathy and connection. #pmchat
  20. A1 You can’t put presence on like a coat; each leader style, brand & influence quotient is different. @kristihedges #pmchat
  21. If presence = part authenticity & part connection, then could P Mgr could derive from passionate advocacy on behalf of team #pmchat
  22. I agree on the apathy point. Energy goes a long way in presence. #pmchat
  23. How do you bring yourself to accept that you can’t please 100% of the people? That’s challenging for me. @kristihedges #PMChat
  24. That’s fur sure. You can be present without having presence. RT @CharlesSmithPrj: Also I think presence needs work. #PMChat
  25. Perhaps you’re ‘saying’ something without using words RT @nirmski: Presence is ability to influence without saying anything #pmchat #PMChat
  26. Question 2 What adjectives would you use to describe someone with Presence?
  27. Q2: What are the adjectives you would use to describe you believe has Presence in your organization? #pmchat
  28. Responses
    Key ideas: authentic, compelling, confident, inspiring, honest, approachable, engaging, acknowledging, passionate
  29. #pmchat A2 words to describe those with presence : formidable, compelling, magnetic. Someone you “can’t take your eyes off of”.
  30. A2 Confident, assertive, articulate, prepared (sometimes), honest (when not prepared) #PMChat
  31. A2: authentic, confident, self assured , inspirational, leader #pmchat #Pmchat
  32. A2 – Cracklin’ bright aura, energy like in Avatar (“I SEE you!”) — That’s presence. #pmchat
  33. Authenticity comes up a lot. People comfortable in their own skin, not trying to gain approval, yet still empathetic exude presence. #pmchat
  34. #PMChat A2: Inspiring, exude an energy lots of the ones others have already said
  35. #PMChat A2: delivery oriented, does not over promise and under deliver, focused, no hidden agenda
  36. A2 Inspiring, motivating, caring, empathizing, engaging #pmchat
  37. A2 The people that acknowledge everybody else in the room also seem to have a lot of presence. #PMChat
  38. A2 Calm but assertive; passionate with purpose; articulate & empathetic; approachable & charismatic; honest & forthright. #pmchat
  39. A2 Someone who is a good listener and open to new ideas. #pmchat
  40. Question 3: How does physical appearance impact presence?
  41. Q2b: @kristihedges mentioned many of her clients mention public speaking, how they dress, etc. How does the physical play here #pmchat
  42. Responses
    In general, the #PMOTs felt that appearance impacted presence, but they seemed uncomfortable with appearance having too much impact on presence. Kristi recounted that she wrote a blog post called Can Ugly People Have Presence? for Forbes after she was asked the question in an interview.
  43. A2b #pmchat I’m sure attractiveness has a lot to do with presence, for those who are shallow
  44. A2b: body language is important, you must come across as being comfortable in any situation #Pmchat
  45. @ A2b I have seen the less conforming leaders have significant presence #pmchat
  46. @ruffh2o Ha! I wrote a blog post for Forbes called Can Ugly People Have Presence after being asked that in an interview. #pmchat
  47. Attractiveness may form first impressions and give an early advantage, but it’s such a small piece of it. #pmchat
  48. #PMChat A2b: I have seen many PMs loose credibility because of bad body language, demeanour, and/or appearance
  49. So body language does have an impact no question. It has to be congruent with our intention. But it doesn’t have to be perfect. #pmchat
  50. Robert Kelly opened the floor to questions for Kristi from the #pmchat audience.
  51. Question: What is the biggest challenge with presence?
  52. @kristihedges Question: What is biggest challenge with presence? Dress, communication, public speaking, other? #pmchat
  53. Responses
  54. The #1 place you show up as a leader is in meetings. That’s right, those horrible, boring things we try to avoid. Ur in those a lot. #pmchat
  55. Question: What advice would you give to people tackling Presence?
  56. What advice would you give to people who were just tackling Presence for the first time? #PMChat
  57. Responses
  58. …and try new ways of showing up. Dress, easy to fix just not discuss. Public speaking is one aspect… #pmchat
  59. Question: How do you know if you really have presence?
  60. Q – @KristiHedges …how does someone really know if they have it? They may think they do. #pmchat
  61. Responses
  62. If you’re just tackling presence, then start with self-awareness. I outline a quick audit to figure out how you’re perceived. Key! #pmchat
  63. For audit. It involves asking 5 people very specific questions. Doesn’t take long and is valuable feedback. Requires some bravery. #pmchat
  64. Question: Why do some leaders not exhibit Presence as we described it?
  65. @kristihedges Question: why do so many people in leadership positions not exhibit qualities we have listed below? #Pmchat
  66. Responses
  67. @dwrichy People get promoted without presence. That doesn’t mean they are great, or people want to work for them. #pmchat
  68. I believe we all want inspirational leadership. We want to work for the good ones. #pmchat
  69. Other questions:
  70. Seems presence could include past contexts. If so, how can presence be adjusted/updated & outdated contexts replaced? #pmchat
  71. Here’s my spanner in the works Q (I know but just asking) @kristihedges Why is presence useful? #pmchat
  72. Question: Who is the biggest ‘presence’ you’ve met?
  73. @kristihedges Who is the biggest “presence” you’ve ever had the pleasure to meet? #pmchat
  74. Responses
  75. Those with the most presence to me aren’t “names” but people who’ve influenced my life and career. Mentors, bosses, my grandmother. #pmchat
  76. I will say I have a presence crush on Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO. #pmchat
  77. Our last two US Secretaries of State — Rice and Clinton — showed amazing presence under pressure, and graceful assertiveness. #pmchat
  78. Question: How does likeability factor in to presence?
  79. @rkelly976 @kristihedges ok … What is the difference between presence for likeable people /topics and unlikeable? #pmchat
  80. Likeability is fundamental to presence. We don’t willingly follow people we don’t like. #pmchat
  81. @kristihedges There’s a danger though in linking the success of your project & whether people like you to your self esteem #pmchat
  82. integrity & respect kick in @kristihedges: Likeability is fundamental to presence. We don’t willingly follow people we don’t like. #pmchat
  83. Question: Is presence impacted by introversion?
  84. Responses:
  85. Introverts can have amazing presence. Listening is huge. Thoughtfulness is huge. You can have assertiveness without being loud. #pmchat
  86. Question: Can people have presence when language is a barrier?
  87. Q for @kristihedges #PMChat can ppl have presence EVEN when language is a barrier? If yes, how? Who? #pmot
  88. @emadeaziz yes they can, one of the most ‘present’ PM people I know has less than perfect English, but enthusiasm shines through #Pmchat
  89. @emadeaziz Ooh, good one. Culture plays a role, no question. When language presents a barrier, we rely more on body language… #pmchat
  90. With global business, we’re getting better at ignoring language differences. This is a good thing. #pmchat
  91. Question: How do you develop presence?
  92. Q for @KristiHedges – You mentioned, you can’t just pencil in “I will be charasmatic’ Tuesday at 1pm. How do folks develop Presence. #pmchat
  93. @kirstihedges How do you attain Presence in a world where interruptions are the norm but not in my comfort zone #pmchat
  94. @califgirl232 The biggest challenge I see is letting go of perfect. When you do that, you get more comfortable to speak up, listen.. #pmchat
  95. Question: How does presence work in our virtual workplaces and teams?
  96. Virtual presence is huge! We lose 90% of what we use to determine presence. I am an advocate of in person occasionally, and video. #pmchat
  97. Virtual teaming is the norm in most companies. The tools are there for better connection, but many don’t use them. #pmchat
  98. @metallicvapor #pmchat presence is possible in virtual teams but beware it might diminish & need rebuilding when meeting in person
  99. > @kristihedges I often consult international companies where it’s still not permitted to use a common and effective tool like Skype #pmchat
  100. Forgot to say, there’s a free ebook on my site: Might be helpful. #pmchat
  101. Wrap-up

    At the end of the all-too short hour, there’s time for closing activities – PM networking, PM news and the #PMChat statistics!For an opportunity to learn more from Kristi Hedges and earn a Cat C PDU, click to Leadership Presence: How to Build Personal Influence in Your Organization. Follow the link in the article for the American Management Association recorded webinar.For more great opportunities to learn about presence and leadership and earn PDUs, click to search for ‘influence’. Several PDU providers offer recorded webinars and other learning opportunities.
  102. As usual, time is really short when having fun. Until next week! #pmchat
  103. As always, another great week for #PMChat – You all generated 395 Tweets, reaching an audience of 48,383 people! #pmot cc: @kristihedges

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